The Art of Letting Go: Moving On From Hard Times and Embracing Change

The Art of Letting Go: Moving On From Hard Times and Embracing Change

I get asked often why I named my brand dysFUNKtional. It’s my reflection of the world. The answer to a question I’d been asking myself for 40 years; “Where the hell do I fit into this chaos?”. Dysfunctional is a label, dysFUNKtional is an attitude. It’s embracing yourself, your flaws, your quirks, your imperfections. It’s the conscious decision to stop comparing yourself to the expectations of society. Stop being your own biggest enemy and critic.

I spent years reading business blogs, listening to podcasts, reading book after book on “how to be successful in business” and, all the while, I was getting nowhere. Treading water, barely keeping my head above the surface. I was depressed, exhausted, defeated. In all that time never once, not once, did I ask myself what success looked like for me. Was it becoming a millionaire? Waking up every morning excited to get to work? Maybe just sharing my passion with the world, spreading joy in doing so. Acknowledgement? Notoriety? Popularity? I didn’t know, I just knew that I was following every single bit of advice given to me and after years, I was still just one small ripple away from sinking.

I was at a pivotal moment not only for my business, but for my health and my sanity. I had lost my joy and I knew that the only way I was getting out of that pool was to find it again and start making decisions for me, for my idea of what success looked like. After shutting out all that noise I’d allowed flood my thoughts, I realized I was doing it all wrong. I was working myself to the bone to achieve an outcome I had no interest in achieving. I don’t want notoriety or popularity, I’m an introvert. I’m the girl that picks a movie in on Netflix over an evening out with friends every time. I choose afternoons shopping at thrift stores with my mom over heading to the mall and manicures with girlfriends. I hated the idea of getting on video and doing Facebook Live or TikTok because that meant I had to put make-up on (no joke) and I’ve gained a few pounds. I was trying to be someone I’m uncomfortable with to gain a result I’d hate. No wonder I was lost!

So, there you have it. To me, dysFUNKtional is a mindset, it’s the acknowledgement and acceptance that we’re all just a little bit different and there is no one mold or expectation that fits everyone. It’s loving yourself and your differences while also loving and accepting others and theirs. It’s owning your thoughts, being kind to yourself and kind to others. It’s self-awareness. It’s being a problem solver, being resilient. It’s finding your joy, your passion, and holding onto it for dear life.

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